Recorded Demos are available


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Recordings of ShopUW+ demonstrations are available. For licensing reasons, they must be kept behind protected access. You will need to your campus login and password to access them in Teams. If you do not already have access, request access it through Teams function or email: 

In the Stakeholder Resource folder, you will find Demos in the list. Click on it, then in the top navigation, click Files. You will find demos on these topics: 

  • Setting default preferences 
  • Catalog orders 
  • Modifying accounting information 
  • Change Order 
  • Receiving goods 
  • Requisition wizard 
  • Non-catalog item quick add 
  • Direct payments 
  • Payment to individual requests 
  • General search 

We hope this information is helpful as you anticipate training and look forward to working in ShopUW+.